Program at a Glance

Empowering EMDR Asia: Reaching the Unreached

Day 1 : 3 January 2020
Pre-conference workshops:

Workshop 1 “Psychotraumatology and Stablisation techniques” by Dr. Derek Farrell
Workshop 2 “EMDR with children and youths” by Dr. Ana Gomez
Workshop 3 “The Healing Space – from the vulnerable child to the
authentic Essence” by Brurit Laub
Workshop 4 “EMDR therapy and Borderline Personaltiy Disorder” by Dolores Mosquera
Workshop 5 “EMDR in Treatment-Resistant Depression” by Dr. Arne Hofmann

Day 1 : 3 January 2020 – Continued
Welcome and Opening Ceremony

Opening address :
       Dr. Matthew Woo
Welcome address :
       Dr. Ann Parichawan Chandarasiri
        Keynote Speaker : Dr. Arne Hoffman

Day 2 : 4 January 2020

                Keynote Speaker : Dr.Tri Iswardani Sadatun

Evening Cruise

Day 3 : 5 January 2020

                 Keynote Speaker : Dr. Sushma Mehrotra

Closing Ceremony

Keynote Speaker – Day 1

Brurit Laub

The Healing Space – from the vulnerable child to the authentic Essence

Dr Derek Farrell

Psychotraumatology and Stablisation techniques

Dolores Mosquera

EMDR therapy and Borderline Personaltiy Disorder

Dr. Ana Gomez

EMDR with children and youths

Keynote Speaker Day 1 – Conitnue

Dr. Matthew Woo

Opening address

Dr. Arne Hoffman

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Ann Parichawan Chandarasiri

Welcome address

Keynote Speaker Day 2 and 3

Dr.Tri Iswardani Sadatun

Keynote Speaker Day 2

Dr. Sushma Mehrotra

Keynote Speaker Day 3


Chulalongkorn Hospital

Bhumi Siri Mangalanusorn Building, 12th and 13th Floors

1873 Ratchadamri Rd., Pathum Wan District, Bangkok, Zipcode: 10330, Thailand

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Invitation to EMDR Asia Conference 2020

20 Sponsorships for 4th EMDR Asia Conference

Requirement for candidates:
1. Live in category A countries
2. Be able to submit one abstract and present it in the conference
3. The sponsorship will cover: 1) the registration fee (4th and 5th of January), 2) the accommodation (3rd and 4th January) (twin room), and 3) the maximum travelling cost according to the region:
3.1) Thailand – 100 USD
3.2) South East Asia – 160 USD
3.3) Other countries in Asia – 320 USD
3.4) Outside Asia – 470 USD

To apply for this sponsorship, please send an email to us ([email protected]) with the required information above.