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Which scheme to be used to register and how much is the registration fee after passed early birth rate period?

If you plan to attend the pre-conference workshop, a day before the conference, this year it costs 50 USD. The main conference will be two days after the pre-conference, which now costs 210 USD. Please see the details on our registration webpage: https://asia.emdrthailand.org/register/.
For those who would like to have nice experience along the Chaopraya River and enjoy dinner, the cruise costs 40 USD.

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As for the accommodation, would you have any recommendation other than the list on the conference website? Which is nice, nearby the venue, and the price is around USD 50-70/night?

There is a dormitory for medical residents at the Chulalongkorn hospital where the host/organizers have to host our VIP guests. The dormitory is located a few buildings away where you can walk to the venue. If the dormitory have space available, they would allow us to stay with low pay (not include breakfast). The one queen-size bedroom costs 1,500 bath/night (no breakfasts), and allow only 2 people. To book a room, please contact Chutimon (Mai) via email at [email protected] as soon as possible to check for availability.

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As for the Consultants’ training and the Trainers’ training on 7-8 January 2020, what needs to be prepared? How much cost is needed for the trainings per person (for meals, etc)?

You will informed by trainers of your country to attend the post-trainings. The qualified therapists and consultants have to attend the manual training on January 6th as well which costs 60 USD. The Consultants’ training and the Trainers’ training on January 7-8, 2020 each costs 60 USD per day. So, the total cost for January 6th to 8th is 180 USD., meals are not included.

After I got notification of acceptance for presentations, what should I do next? There isn’t any further follow up from the committee yet up until now.

The scientific committee has some issues to work on before they finialize the entire program which will come out very soon.

Do I need to submit power point presentation or paper?

The participants who conduct their oral presentation have to bring their e-files one day in advance to our IT staff (Computer service room) at the conference.

For some of us who only attending as participants, how much is the registration fee?

The registration fees will be the same as shown on our registration webpage. https://asia.emdrthailand.org/register/

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Will the accommodation for presenters be arranged by the committee or by ourselves?

The presenters have to arrange their own accommodation.

Places to visit in Bangkok

Dinner Cruise on the Chao Phraya River, Royal Emerald Bhudda Temple, Grand Palace Complex and Wat Phra Kaew, Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Wang Lang Pier (Siriraj), Jim Thompson House Museum, Central World (shopping center), and more

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